Szőlővirágzás ünnepe
Lillafüred, Palotaszálló évzáró gálaest
Vice vessző szentelés 2017.
1999-ben alakult Lillafüreden a Bortársaság Club, amelyből az István Nádor borlovagrend „nőtt” ki. Célunk a bor, a gasztronómia, a kultúra és a turizmus kapcsolatának fejlesztése, ápolása. Miskolc-Lillafüred mellett a festői Görömbölyi pincesor, e vidék évszázadokkal korábbi szőlőkultúrájára enged következtetni.Tovább....

István Nádor Borlovagrend

Bor, Kultúra, Örökség



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We undertook to explore, keep and disseminate the relics of our wine culture in- and around Miskolc.

Our  Wine  Brotherhoods  named „István Nádor”  was founded in 1999 in Lillafüred (district of Miskolc, Hungary). Based on our choice of name „István Nádor”  and his legend,  defined our traditions  - our blue gown with anjou lily, our codex for member inauguration, our flag….

Since the formation over 17 years our membership growt near to hundred. 

Our founding place is the Palace Hotel in Lillafüred in the hills Bükk, which was the hunting area of the castle Diósgyőr, the third important castle of the Hungarian kings.  

(here was signed the  Peace of Turin of 1381)  Near this castle the Pauline monastery was founded by István Nádor  at the end of the 13th century, with his support until his death.

   The Pauline monastery was the founder of high-quality wine production in this area.

Later, along the hill Avas, stretching into the middle of Miskolc city center, has developed the famous wine cellar rows with about 1200 wine cellars in the past centuries. In 1503 there was a law in effect:

 „ Foreign wine can not sell in Miskolc, who offend against it, the wine will be confiscated whom”


Now they are about 900 wine cellars on the Avas hill, in the middle of the city.

We are pleased that in the  last few years other  civil organisations are celebrating our commemorations with us together  -  like:

- assosiation of wine lovers of Miskolc,   

- assosiation of wine lovers of Görömböly,

- assosiation of wine cellar owners of Miskolc

- wine route assotiation of Avas hill, and  

- wine  Brotherhoods  of Bogács. 

Our task is to build and keep the cooperation between the assotiations who guards the traditions of wine- and wine callar culture.